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Security increases turning the locks into impassable and sometimes it can mean a drawback, when you cannot open because the key is forgotten. A keyless entry must be attempted when the method is dominated.

How to open locks without a key?

There are different techniques to open the locks, depending on several factors before forcing its opening.

Method of lockpicks to force locks

The locks can also be tampered with a kit of lockpicks, when you have some practice. A system that is only taught between locksmiths to prevent theft with this technique. The purchase of this kit is made only presenting credentials, proving the professionalism as a locksmith. However, the tools can be created with a little ingenuity, resembling the lockpicks. Forks are needed and using a metal firmly enough to make the torque wrench and the lockpick forming this tool. Some guidelines for creation are:
– Lockpick: in “R” shape will be shorter at its end and it is used to exert thrust in the cylinder pistons, allowing it to rotate.
– Elastic steel: is the optimum material because it will not crack, allowing to create the shape you need for being moldable, example of this steel are hacksaws. It is necesary to plan the size so it can enter the the lockpick.
– Tension wrench: its “L” shape will push the lower zone of the lock. The most common way is to flatten the key known as Allen.

After created the lockpick proceed to open the lock, inserting first the tension key. It must be pressed perfectly in the lower area of the inner cylinder, with a pressure which must be constant, otherwise start again. When the pressure is successful with this key, you can hear the internal pistons drop inside the lock. Once you have turned this key is inserted the lockpick, but always above the key and with one short end pushes each of the pistons against the lock until moving each one, in this moment it will open. It will be necessary to practice in order to control this method and always in economic locks.

Bumping method to open doors

It is a system known as a simple technique and also fast. When the door has been closed a long time and urgent situations arise in which you must open quickly, this system is used. It is easy on poor quality locks, economic and old, that work with old keys, when they don´t have protection. It is important to have a bumping key to make the opening and know the way to use it, to avoid damaging the internal closure to close it again correctly. This item fits perfectly in the most common locks that are intended to force and must be entered at an acceptable depth that will allow its rotation.

The key is not in the locksmiths or performed by professionals, you can get it through Internet. Once properly fits inside the cylinder, you need to align all pistons at the same time unlocking the lock in one motion. The key is to listen carefully clicks that are generated inside the lock, when this bumping key is inserted getting lift the internal teeth to fall in break later, so it is necessary to raise the key well and push at the correct pressure.

The opening occurs when struck and turn this key, for which a rubber mallet will be necessary. Should not have this object can be used a similar, in order to strike the key. The force produced by the impact gets to turn the cylinder pistons, resting in the lock. This impact will open the lower section, which then reaches the top section that opens the safe upon moving it. When the upper pistons rise lock opens immediately, but this may require more than one attempt.

Method hex wrench to lock

This technique is performed in interior doors, which by their nature have a kind of special knob to open if the closure is adventitious. is recognized by the handle of the door where a small round hole is located. Such keys can be purchased at hardware stores and are metal objects in different dimensions shaped as “L”. For opening the door, it is necessary to fit the hex key from the longer end and you may need to try to find the correct size, without scraping or jam inside this key. is perceived by pushing forward and back engagement with the pistons. When the goal is achieved, the key turns easily without excessive force thus achieving to open the door.

Vehicle aperture method

When you need to open the car door, special elements are used as metal tools, although they are illegal as lockpicks “Slim Jim”. They can also be prepared similar, with objects like metal hangers for hanging clothes. If you have this element, it can be performed the opening without requiring roadside assistance, or special service of locksmiths masters or locksmith companies. the neck portion is disengaged and has to straighten the hanger, to create a tool to achieve longer feature, that has an end with a corresponding hook. It is necessary to lift the weatherstrip, located at the bottom of the window corresponding to driver.

The procedure is performed by pressing the hook in the same weatherstrip, from its end to the lower section of the window. When the object is already on the wall of the vehicle door, we need a movement in the castle located a few centimeters below the same window and near the inner door lock. Performing this action it first engages the handle, then pull back towards the rear of the car and it opens. An opening in manual closing doors can be made like this, but it does not work the same way in high-end cars, with electrical locking mechanisms operated by remote control. However, you can open cars with this standard electric lock, sliding the hanger at the top of the window to press the button with your finger.

Credit Card Method

The simpler and cheaper locks can be opened with these cards, a known trick but sometimes without effective results, although it can achieve opening obsolete old doors and locks. We must consider that the card may be damaged in some cases during the process and are recommended for greater effectiveness the laminated. On the side of the door, the selected credit card is inserted for this and will slide through the Wall frame, just above the lock where it reaches the frame. When it leans toward the bottom and manages to place just behind the latch, ensuring its perpendicular position to the door, It is pushed slowly while the handle is turned. In this procedure the card has to move the latch and right into the frame to remove it. The door opening occurs when the card is held between and hole and latch. This method is not achieved when the door is insured, because it does not reach the latch in the beveled side.

Strenght Method

They apply in cases of urgency, knocking down the door with body strength. The problem is the rupture that can cause in the frame, as the lock and opening structure. the physical integrity of the person carrying out the force comes into play and only it is recommended in extreme cases. The way to do will be in a solid position, always separating the legs and front to the door, but with your knees slightly bent. Arms and hands rest on the wall or furniture in the opposite direction and proceeds to lift the leg which will exert the force, only to knee height, keeping the feet in the direction of the structure that is to be cast.

Meanwhile knee rises and the lower part of the leg to make the blow on the foot lock, in a kick called shock. then throws the leg pointing forward to the closing mechanism, so that it is actuated opening. Protecting shoes makes sure the hit with feet, besides these tips better absorb impacts. In this type of openings is strongly advised not to bump with shoulders, because it may cause a dislocation. Always will be better a kick to disengage the lock, with precise force of the frame. A system that is effective in the timber openings when the frames are unreinforced, otherwise no positive results can be obtained. Performing this action alternately, you can open the door to not lose strength in kicking when resting and is retried.

A variable in this system is to break down the door if it resists, with a battering ram. In exceptional situations when you cannot call a professional locksmith, we can make one using a construction hammer, as the used by inserting the posts into the ground. This object is purchased with long handles on its sides, always as long as possible and filled with cement let it dry so that it can be used. The blow with the hammer will take place the person being located perpendicular to the door, to proceed to hit with a direct side-to-lock mechanism, which opens after repeated hits.

Practical recommendations

The above methods are carried out in certain situations, but it will be advisable:
• To contact a locksmith, who knows the best techniques of openings and have the right tools for each structure without damaging the rest of the door, or the internal lock system.
• Acquiring the skill that is required to implement these systems, practicing with the bumping keys, of tension or lockpick.
• Perform periodic maintenance of the locks on all doors of the home, business, office, etc., to improve safety and avoid a jam or malfunction in closing, appropriately changing the locks in poor condition.
• Avoid invasive methods when you can open with a credit card without exerting force or use damaging cylinders and require a subsequent change of lock.

It is Warned
• Do not use this type of elements without real need for opening door or emergency.
• Not to enter homes to steal, they are private property and the offense is imprisonment for several years.
• Do not use methods of this nature, in places where it is illegal to carry such objects with uncredited expert locksmith profession. In case of illegality to be discovered it can vouch for the fact with imprisonment.
• Not breaking down doors with your shoulders, because it is not possible in this way to open the door.
• Do not force the door in case of loss of keys, without calling the owner when the home is rented. It is a situation of ambiguity to the law damaging the property if it is rented, it is expected that the owner has keys.